Even a small amount of water can affect your house and damage the materials. The ill-effects can be reduced by taking immediate action can calling the water damage experts to handle the situation. We are a team of professionals who have expertise in water removal services.

In case of water damage a quick action needs to be taken and we have a response rate of less than 60 minutes. We take up complete responsibility of restoring your property back to normal.

The water clogged up in your property can be due to a sump pipe failure or a broken pipe, whatever the reason maybe, the removal process can be tedious and take a long time, but if the water sits in your property for long it can cause serious damage.

water damage repair

Water removal process:

  1. Inspection: As soon as we arrive at your place we start the inspection procedure. We analyze the degree of damage and classify it into the water damage categories and classes. After classifying the damage we decide what kind of restoration procedure is required
  • Water Removal: Once the inspection is done, water is extracted out from the property through highly advanced technology and equipment to completely pull out the water.
  • Drying: Drying the area is a must. Drying process is carried out through high-tech vacuum pumps. Then, a dehumidification process starts to extract out the moisture from the air. If the moisture stays stuck in the room it can enter the walls, flooring or furniture and can cause serious damage.
  • Sanitization: After drying the area, the room is disinfected and sanitized properly so that no virus or bacteria is left and there are no health risks.
  •  Restoration: Finally the restoration process starts if necessary. Sometimes a complete structural repair is also done wherein the walls, ceiling, or flooring is changed.

The water damage restoration process can take up to 2-14 days depending on the damage.

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